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Why you Need an Expert Duct Installation Contractor 

Ductwork installation is not a DIY task that anyone can execute flawlessly. That makes it necessary to hire an expert duct installation contractor.

It ensures that your airflow is efficiently moving throughout your entire building.

When you are looking for qualified, certified, and experienced duct installation experts, we at EcoTemp HVAC must be your preferred choice.

We are state-licensed heating and air conditioning installation & repair experts serving our customers in Chicago.

Ductwork Contractor in Chicago

As an award-winning contractor in Chicago, we offer professional air duct installation & repair services. You can rely on us for the design, layout, fabrication, and installation of all kinds of ductwork systems.

24-Hour Emergency Duct Repair Services

Full Design Build

We will fully install your ductwork and core your roof to give you a leakless, high-efficiency airflow that will be distributed throughout your building. Keeping you and your employees cool all summer long.

Inefficient Cooling

Your rooftop unit needs to have properly installed ductwork to maximize airflow efficiency. Without a professionally installed ductwork system, your RTU can leak air which in turn will not efficiently cool your office building and waste costly electricity.

High-Efficiency Ductwork

By using the proper sheet metal and sealing it professionally you can save boatloads of money on your electric bill. Flawless airflow is the key to keeping the entire commercial building and its inhabitants happy.

Excess Energy Use

Improperly sealed ductwork can cause air leaks and disrupt airflow to certain parts of the building. This wastes valuable energy and can cause areas to overheat due to improper air flow distribution.

Eco Temp HVAC Technician

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Why Choose us?

Professional Technicians

We are a team of fully licensed, insured, and highly trained in-house technicians. We offer professional air conditioning services and seasoned advice for all major AC brands.

24/7 Emergency Services

Need help right away? We are your go-to duct installation experts in Chicago, Illinois. You can count on EcoTemp HVAC’s 24/7 emergency ductwork installation & repair services.

FREE Consultation

Get a FREE consultation with one of our air conditioning experts. Leverage expert advice on selecting the proper AC system to meet the specific needs for you and your property.

Exceptional Service

At EcoTemp HVAC, we value your time. We make sure that we never keep you waiting. We are a reliable AC installation and repair contractor that goes above and beyond to get the job done right on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an engineer who can design the ductwork layout?

Yes, we do. All of your needs can be taken care of in one place. We will design the ductwork and install it according to your city’s code.

Do you also provide air duct cleaning services?

Unfortunately, we do not. We are air duct installation contractors however if we are replacing some of your current air ducts then we will clean the ones we are not replacing! 

For more information, please call (224) 253-8131 or contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.

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