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Why you Need Expert Heat Pump Installation & Repair Services 

Thinking of installing or repairing a heat pump without any professional help? You should not. It is not a DIY job. There are a number of potential hazards that should be handled by a professional.
Hire EcoTemp HVAC to get peace of mind and professional integrity. Our technicians utilize certified techniques and cutting-edge technologies to get the job done right.
We come well-equipped to your property for all kinds of routine and emergency heating services.

Our Services

We have been in the HVAC industry for more than a decade. We have the expertise in installing and repairing all makes and models of heat pumps.


We are proud to say that we are experts in the installation of heat pumps. We have worked with different types and brands of heat pumps. We offer heat pump installation services in Illinois for both residential and commercial properties. So, when you want to upgrade your heating system or want to run it in tandem with the furnace, call EcoTemp HVAC.


Apart from efficient installation, we also provide heat pump repair services. No matter the issue, our team of experts is experienced in tackling and giving advanced solutions for your heat pump system. We can get the job done efficiently causing minimal disruption to you and your property.


A properly maintained heat pump system is crucial to ensuring it is always working as it should. It effectively reduces unexpected system failure. At EcoTemp HVAC, we offer thorough maintenance to keep your heat pump in perfect shape. We generally recommend getting maintenance service at least once a year.

Why Choose a Heat Pump for your Home?


Heat pumps are a budget-friendly option to keep your home comfortable. Also, the installation & repair costs of heat pumps are much lower than the conventional furnace or an AC system.

Provides Both Heating & Cooling

Heat pumps work as both a cooling and a heating agent. These eliminate the need for buying two separate systems. You can easily switch between heating and cooling functions at the touch of a button.

Energy Efficient

Heat Pumps have very high energy efficiency ratings and use less energy than conventional heating systems. These don’t use combustion directly to generate heat and help you reduce your carbon footprints.

Consistent Temperature

Heat pumps are great at maintaining steady temperatures. There are a wide variety of models that come equipped with automatic settings. These settings help deliver precise temperatures and great humidity control.

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Why Choose us?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Being one of the trusted professionals, it’s our 100% commitment to you to uphold expert standards. That is why EcoTemp HVAC offers a 12-month service work and product installation guarantee.

24/7 Service

Has your heat pump broken down in the middle of the night? You can count on EcoTemp HVAC. Our team of experts is available 24/7 for all kinds of emergency heat pump repairs services.

All Makes & Models

At EcoTemp HVAC we can install and repair heat pumps of all makes and models at reasonable prices. Our team of seasoned technicians makes sure your home will always get the ideal temperature.

Respect & Honesty

We respect our clients’ properties and always clean the mess after the installation and repair services. You can always expect a fair, honest & upfront quote from EcoTemp HVAC before we start any work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a heat pump?

There are many factors that determine the cost to repair a heat pump such as:

  • The amount of time it requires to repair
  • The age, size, and condition of your heat pump
  • Capacity/power of the system
  • Accessibility to the air filter and other vital components
  • The equipment, parts, and tools involved
  • Modifications to the existing system
  • The equipment, parts, and tools involved

What causes my heat pump to stop working?

There are a number of issues that can lead to heat pump malfunctions. Here are some frequent complications:

  • Clogged air filters can restrict smooth airflow and cause short cycling.
  • A dirty blower blows dirt along with air causing overheat which results in equipment failure
  • A faulty thermostat, wiring, and other electrical components can cause breakdowns
  • A dirty flame sensor can turn off your heat pump by failing to sense the accurate flame
  • Blocked registers prevent the cool air to reach the heat pump

When should I replace my heat pump system?

You should consider replacing your heat pump if your heat pump system :

  • Is more than 10 years old
  • Is incurring high energy bills
  • Needs frequent repairs
  • Is inadequately or unevenly heating your home
  • Lack a programmable thermostat
  • Is exacerbating humidity levels
  • Causing poor indoor air quality

For more information, please call (224) 253-8131 or contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.