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Though furnaces are the most common heating system that most properties get installed for heating, an eco-friendly heat pump HVAC system has gained momentum too.

Several homeowners and businesses are switching to a heat pump HVAC system. And if you also want to get efficient heat pump installation & repair service, call us at EcoTemp HVAC now.

We have been in the business for more than 10 years and have the expertise to install a different heating system for residential and commercial properties.

So, if you are deciding on getting a heat pump installation or just want to know your heating options, our team at EcoTemp HVAC will be glad to be of service!

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What is a Heat Pump HVAC System?

Just as the name suggests, a heat pump in Chicago will either pump heat in your house or pump heat out of your house.

Yes, it works both ways! And that’s why the heat pump HVAC system is great for both summer and winters. During summer, the heat pump will extract heat from the home and pump it outside whereas in winter it does the opposite.

And yes, we at EcoTemp HVAC know that most of our customers are surprised to know that even on the coldest day, the heat pump can heat your home. But we never make any false claims to our customers.

Our heat pump installation and repair services in Carpentersville are honest, reliable, and trustworthy providing your value for money and worth your time.

We usually suggest heat pump HVAC to those customers who want to get an energy and cost-efficient option and the one that protects the environment too.

heat pump installation and repair services in Carpentersville

Heat Pump Installation

We are proud to say that we are experts in the installation of heat pumps. We have worked with different types and brands of heat pumps.

Our heat pump installation and repair services in Elgin are provided for residential and commercial properties. So, when you want to upgrade your heating system or want to run it in tandem with the furnace, call us for efficient heat pump installation services.

Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

Apart from efficient installation, we also provide heat pump repair and maintenance services too.

No matter the fault or issue, our team of experts is experienced in tackling and giving advanced solutions for your heat pump system.

We also provide yearly maintenance service for heat pump HVAC systems. So, you can avoid major breakdowns by booking your appointment with us now.

Call us at EcoTemp HVAC for our excellent heat pump repair and maintenance service in Palatine today.

Start your heat pump journey today. Call (224) 253-8131 or request an appointment online to get started.

*Geothermal services may be limited in your area. Contact us to learn more.

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