Get ready for the heat now

Even though the temperature has just started to climb out of the chilly winter lows now is the time to start thinking about cooling your home through the hot summer to come. Preparing, servicing and carrying out repairs while your reverse cycle air conditioner is not needed as much will ensure it keeps your home, office, or workshop comfortable when the heat hits in a few months.

Booking your air conditioner technician in early in the season means they’ll be able to fit you in when it’s convenient for you.

Why schedule preventive maintenance?

Due to closed in building designs and our variable weather, some workplaces run the air conditioning system all year round. This ensures staff is always working in a comfortable environment but also means the air con is hard at it every day.

Things like wear and tear, small faults, as well as dust and dirt build-up can all reduce the efficiency of your system increasing operation costs over time. Air conditioners working at reduced capacity are also more prone to breakdowns at peak times.

Locking in a routine maintenance schedule will help to identify problems before they become bigger issues.

How often does the air conditioner need servicing?

The frequency of maintenance or servicing really depends on how much you use your air conditioner. For large commercial ducted units, our technicians recommend quarterly or monthly maintenance. Smaller multi-split systems or individual split systems benefit from a thorough twice-yearly check.

A complete unit clean should be carried out if not during the maintenance around the same time to maximize benefits. Dust, pollen, dirt, and mold can build up in almost every part of your air conditioning system creating issues for those with sensitive airways or those prone to allergies.

Regular maintenance can also increase the life of your unit, reducing replacement costs in the longer term.

Don’t wait until the weather really heats up, book in for an air conditioner maintenance check today.